Easy Candy Clay or Chocolate Plastic from Candy Melts

  • Serves: Makes 14ounces
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Used with the Spring Tulip Cake Pops

Used with the Easter Bunny Cake Pops

Used with the Ghostly Brownie Pops Tutorial

Candy clay, also known as chocolate plastic, is a modeling chocolate and can be made from a mixture of candy melts and corn syrup. Real chocolate can be used, instead. It is a wonderful product to work with, because you can shape and mold it AND it tastes really great. It can be refrigerated on a cake or stored at the cool side of room temperature. It will soften if used on a cake that sits in a humid or hot environment because it is made from chocolate.

Kelly Says: "Sarah! It's amazing how much better candy clay tastes when compared to fondant...even Marshmallow Fondant or MMF. It's YUMMY!
...it tastes like white chocolate, mostly. Creamy and vanilla-ish. It melts on your tongue."

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