Sarah’s Pumpkin Scratch Cake from a Mix

  • Serves: Makes 2, 9 x 2-inch cake layers or 9 cups batter
  • Baking Temp (degrees F): 350
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Variations: Funfetti Scratch Cake from a MixSarah’s Scratch Cake from a Mix and Variations; Sarah’s Applesauce-Spice Scratch Cake from a Mix; Sarah’s Banana Scratch Cake from a Mix; Sarah’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Scratch Cake from a Mix

Cake and photo by kake, Premium Member © Sarah Phillips

This cake is very moist with the inclusion of pumpkin puree! You won't even be able to tell it is from a cake mix!
I created something that tastes so much like a bake-from-scratch recipe, that noone could tell it was made from a mix at all! Not even my family or taste testers who have had my cakes for years! I think I created a monster! I took a different approach from everyone else (of course) who has ever doctored a cake mix!

Baker's can add flour, sugar, milk, sour cream and eggs to a boxed mix to increase its density and to give it a sturdier texture. Recipes are not new, however, I could never figure out why so many are written with added all-purpose, instead of cake flour? After all, cake mixes are made with the latter type.

I decided to use cake flour, instead, and the result was astounding - a denser cake, that didn't taste anything like a boxed mix - but, rather a bake-from-scratch cake with a moist and tender texture. It also lost it's usual boxed mix chemical taste. When I tried using all-purpose flour, it yielded a drier result with a less satisfactory texture and flavor, with it's underlying chemical flavor! I thus decided to name the cake, Scratch Cake from a Mix!

I use all dairy ingredients cold from the refrigerator. With today's modern electric mixers, they quickly warm the ingredients to room temperature from the friction from the beater's. Allowing them to come to room temperature before mixing is old fashioned and I believe is no longer necessary.

kake, Premium Member, Says: "This is a last minute cake for teacher appreciation lunch for tomorrow... baked pumpkin scratch cake from a mix by Sarah.
Guess what! It was so yummy!!!!...When I made Sarah's pumpkin spice cake box cake, I double the recipe, for 12- x 18- x 2-inch pan.
I baked it on 325 (degrees)F.... it turned out perfect."

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