Creative Cut-out Peanut Butter Sugar Cookies

  • Serves: Makes about 2 - 3 dozen, 2-inch cookies
  • Baking Temp (degrees F): 350
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Photo and cookies by eeyoregirl, Premium Member © Sarah Phillips
DonnaL, Premium Member, suggested I create Peanut Butter cut-out sugar cookies! So, I did!

Creative sugar cookies are buttery, crispy, flavorful and beautiful when decorated with a royal icing or fondant glaze. They have little baking powder so they bake with flat, smooth surfaces, perfect for decorating on. The cookies start out on the crispy side— necessary when covering with a royal icing glaze made with egg white powder; the water and sugar in the glaze provides and attracts moisture so they soften slightly when the glaze is applied, making them the perfect eating consistency when decorated. Cookies glazed with royal icing made with meringue powder dry harder. The master recipe for this is Sarah's Creative Cut Out Sugar Cookies.

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