Cherry Pink Chiffon Cupcake Decorating Tutorial

  • Serves: Makes two 5-x 2-inch layers plus 10-11 cupcakes or 14 - 16 cupcakes
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Variation: Blue “Velvet” Chiffon Layer Cake

If you are making the Cherry Pink Tuxedo Mini-Cake and Cupcakes, the recipe makes one 5 x 2-inch four layer cake and 10 to 11 cupcakes; this is the cupcake decorating tutorial. Or, you can just bake the recipe and make about 14 -16 cupcakes without making the cake. These are cute cherry cupcakes made with the bare minimum of food dye and decorated with chocolate, cherries and pink whipped cream! We also filled ours with chocolate, and show you how. You can switch-up the flavors and make them with our Blue “Velvet” Chiffon Layer Cake, instead.

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