Seven Summer Savory Brunch Baking Recipes

  • Posted: 8/3/15

Written by Angela Ferrante, Summer Intern
Fordham graduate and New York City girl.  I plan to use my degree in journalism and love of all things edible to become a food writer.

With all of the sweet and bright fruit in season right now, it is easy to forget that summer is peak time for some of the Northeast’s best vegetables. A stroll in any of your local farmers' markets will introduce you to the best of the season’s bounty. Garlic, tomatoes, new potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and many more can be found at these healthy oases. You can even discover many variations of meat, cheeses and eggs at these greenmarkets! Why let fruit get all the attention this season? Whether your sweet tooth needs a break, or you just want to get more fresh veggies into your diet, these seven savory summer brunch recipes will be sure to do the trick: 

1. Heirloom Tomato Tart - Nothing beats a fresh tomato grown at the height of summer. Heirloom tomatoes come in a wide variety of eye-catching colors, especially at the farmers' market. These juicy and bright vegetables can be used to make a beautiful and delicious vegetarian tart. These flavors are so incredible; you won’t even notice the meat is missing! The tomatoes, combined with fresh basil, cream cheese and ricotta cheese, and Sarah’s vegan olive oil crust make a delicious brunch recipe straight out of the garden! 

2. Grittata - This “Grittata” recipe combines two brunch favorites: grits and frittatas. This custard casserole dish was concocted in the South (where grits are not just a food, but a culinary lifestyle), and features the best combination of garlic, vegetables and cheese with Southern grits. It will guarantee that this dish will be a favorite at your next big brunch gathering; it’s great for a crowd! Sarah likes this dish so much, she recommends trying it for dinner as well. She loves that this recipe can be made ahead of time and then reheated right before serving.

3. and 4. Brunch Frittatas - Savory Brunch Frittata and  Vegetable Frittata - Frittata is an egg-based Italian dish similar to a thick, baked omelet. They are very easy to make because they bake in one pan. Frittatas are also a great way to use any left-over meat or vegetables sitting in your fridge making them amazingly flavorful and versatile. Sarah uses cream cheese to her recipe, giving this recipe a rich and creamy texture, plus a tart and tangy flavor. We’d love to hear about your favorite ingredients to use for this creative recipe! 

5. Deep Dish Savory Pie - Pie for breakfast? You bet! This deep-dish pie is so versatile that it doubles as an easy and healthy breakfast or brunch meal as well as a dinner option. The combination of fresh farmers market vegetables, an olive-oil pastry crust (with a gluten-free crust variation), rice, cheese and crispy bacon create a perfect storm of flavors that will melt in your mouth. This pie is also a great way to sneak more vegetables into your diet; simply switch the bacon or ham out for fresh peppers and more zucchini. And nothing is better than pie for breakfast, or any time of day! 

6. Savory Galette Two Ways - Galettes are for much more than just fruit and dessert. This savory galette can be made two ways: with tomatoes and cheese, or with potato and caramelized onion. I prefer the tomato and cheese one for a summer brunch, while the potato and onion galette would make an excellent dinner on a summer night with a crisp cold glass of wine. Since galettes are supposed to look “rustic,” it doesn’t even matter if you’re a pie pastry crust whiz or not! While the filling options for a galette are virtually endless, Sarah recommends using whatever you have on hand. This recipe can also be made with a gluten-free crust and we show you how!

7. Savory Quiche Tart  with a Whole Wheat and Cheese Crust - Like many of these dishes, this savory quiche tart allows a lot of room for adjustment. The only basic rules you must follow when making a quiche is combining eggs, dairy and cheese, typically inside a pastry shell. The vegetables, cheeses, and meats you add to this dish are entirely up to your imagination. Quiches are also a great way to use up any leftovers. The flavorful result of this savory quiche will make it a brunch classic in your family. And you can make it using different fillings every time - the possibilities are endless! 

We at hope that your brunch-mates enjoy these delicious and seasonal summer baking recipes. Let us know which one you liked best and why, or what you are making this summer!

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